Pinewood Acres
Marsha Henderson
Hermon, Maine 04401


Sold to:_________________________________________________________________________
a ____________male/female puppy whelped on______________ for the sum of $_______________
Reg#:_______________________________ Color:_____________________________________

It is understood at the time of sale that this puppy is not of show/breeding quality and is being sold as a pet only. Training classes are highly recommended for any family dog to insure a happy relationship with the animal. This puppy can be spayed or neutered on _________________ or soon after. AKC registration papers (limited) will be forwarded upon receipt of a spay/neuter certificate from a licensed veterinarian (must include phone number).

This puppy is guaranteed to be healthy, as near as the eye can see, and has had age appropriate shots and wormings. It is understood that the buyer will take this puppy to his/her Veterinarian within 2 business days of the date of sale - if this condition is not met, this guarantee is null and void. Seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer.

If within 10 days from the date of sale a licensed Veterinarian states, in writing, that this puppy has a health problem that existed at the time of sale, the buyer will notify the seller immediately and the puppy along with any paperwork that was provided at the time of sale and the original copy of the diagnosis from the buyers Veterinarian must be returned to the seller within 48 hours of the Veterinarian diagnosis. NOTE:  Seller does not warrant against coccidia/giardia.  Many puppies are prone to outbreak of either coccidia and/or giardia under stressful circumstances. The symptoms can arise in a 12 hour period, and can not always be prevented by the seller, because there are no signs until the puppy is stressed, and their immune system drops.  In respect to a dead puppy, the buyer must notify the seller immediately and provide the seller with a written statement from a licensed Veterinarian (original copy and phone number must be included) indicating that this puppy died from a health problem that existed on or before the receipt of the puppy by the buyer. In some cases, an autopsy may be required by the seller, at the buyers expense, to determine the cause of death. A refund of the purchase price will be given during the first 10 days, providing these conditions are met.  Seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer, including, but not limited to, Veterinarian costs,  any shipping expenses, Veterinarian heath certificates, crates etc., to or from the seller.

No other guarantees are given with the exception of life threatening hereditary defects that develop by one year of age and render this puppy unsuitable as a pet. In this case, this puppy can be returned to the seller, or kept by the buyer and a replacement puppy of equal value will be given when one becomes available. If the buyer does not want another puppy, a refund of half of the original purchase price will be given. It is understood that the seller has up to one year from the date of receiving the diagnosis to refund money. It is understood that the seller will be notified by phone or email immediately upon diagnosis and an original written statement from a licensed Veterinarian or Specialist, complete with phone numbers must be given to the seller within one week of diagnosis to receive a partial refund or replacement puppy. Cryptorchidism (retained testicles), umbilical hernias and minor skin problems are not included in this guarantee. Seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer. Any shipping expenses (including vet checks/health certificates, etc) to and from the seller are the responsibility of the buyer.

This contract is between the original buyer/seller only and is non-transferable. It is understood that any legal matters will be conducted in the State/ County that the seller resides.

If, at any time during the life of this puppy, the buyer decides to sell or give away the puppy, the seller is guaranteed first refusal. No refunds will be given for returned dogs after the first 10 days. The seller will help in placing the dog into a new home if possible and any payment minus advertising and veterinarian costs will be forwarded. At no time will this puppy be offered for sale to or given to a pet shop, puppy mill, shelter, rescue, experimental lab or any other similar situation.
It is understood that this puppy is to live primarily inside the home. Buyer also agrees to provide this puppy with regular veterinarian care, medical attention if needed, proper grooming/ bathing, water and a nutritious diet.

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